Taxes for Individuals

Income Tax

Also in the area of income tax, the complexity of fiscal regulations has increased with respect to the versatility of deductible expenses. Thus, the digitalization that occurs at the level of financial administration also leads to increased declarations obligations for individuals.

Our tax services include, in particular:

  • Preparation of income tax declarations
  • Tax restructuring within the framework of private incomes
  • Verification of tax assessments
  • Leading of tax appeals
  • Tax assistance in respect of criminal tax proceedings

Gift and Inheritance Tax

The boost of the assessment concerning gifts or inherited assets which is initiated by the Federal Constitutional Court, makes it increasingly necessary to transfer individual assets, often linked to a reservation of beneficial interest to the successors in a timely and structured manner.
This generally requires an in-depth understanding of family law, inheritance law and inheritance tax regulations. The aim of tax-optimized succession planning must always be to mitigate tax payments and the loss of required liquidity.
Tax provisions are also of paramount importance in the area of the design of wills in order to make the best use of tax allowances and to use tax exemption regulations.

Our tax services include, in particular:

  • Preparation of gift tax declarations
  • Preparation of inheritance tax declarations
  • Leading of tax appeals and tax proceedings on the basis of incorrect assessments
  • Gift tax planning advice
  • Tax-optimized structuring of successions
  • Tax assessment of real estate and other assets
  • Execution of wills

Through our many years of experience and our legal expertise in succession planning in the private or professional environment, we are a competent partner for all questions concerning the transfer of assets.

Real Estate Purchases and Sales

The low-interest phase supports economically meaningful real estate acquisitions, but also real estate sales. However, the taxable gain on sales resulting from such a transaction is reduced to a not insignificant extent by avoidable tax burdens. It therefore makes sense to consider and implement corresponding sales and acquisition structures at an early stage.

For example, when buying rental properties, it makes sense to not acquire them as an individual, but through a business in order to benefit from low tax burden effects. In the event of a sale, gains on sale can also be deferred interest-free for several years and tax-neutrally invested in new properties.
Due to the generally substantial figures of real estate transactions, the tax leverage is a not insignificant part of the profitability analysis of real estate.

Our tax services include, in particular:

  • Tax planning on purchase and sale of real estate
  • Tax optimization of ongoing income from commercial rent
  • Advice on the avoidance of real estate transfer tax
  • VAT optimization for mixed-use real estate
  • Tax avoidance strategies for unintended and intended business assets
  • Tax advice for tenancy with relatives