Advice for other tax advisors

> Preparation of expert opinions
> Training event
> Conducting of or assisting in fiscal court proceedings

Expert opinions

Our partners of the tax firm have several years’ experience in the preparation of expert opinions regarding complex tax issues for tax consultants and companies, which in addition to VAT aspects and charity law, primarily special cases and specific issues of the corporate tax law, particularly restructurings, is a main focus of the advice for tax advisors. Our advice for local tax advisors and other consulting industries provides a valuable sparring partner, right from the initial consultation, to fully analyse tax risk assessments and to relieve the daily business. On request, we support you and carry out fiscal court proceedings, if required, for the enforcement of client rights

Training event

Several partners from our tax firm have sound knowledge and experience in the education of future tax advisers as well as conducting in-house tax training for the middle class. In addition to consulting for tax advisors, we also offer trainig courses for tax advisors. Our seminars are tailor-made on the specific needs of client’s employees, also in relation to gimmicks of change in tax law for companies.

Filing or assistance in fiscal court proceedings

In addition to their capacity as tax advisors, also for international tax law, our partners of the tax firm have legal certificates, which enable them to act, to the advice of a tax advisor and the training for tax advisors, in fiscal court proceedings on an equal footing as the fiscal judges. Therefor we represent regularly both clients as well as other local tax advisor in court proceedings before tax courts nationwide.