Tax restructuring  

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It is a familiar story - the most extensive tax libraries are located in Germany. However, the tax jungle also offers opportunities for tax-optimized restructurings for midsize companies, businesspersons, freelancers and practitioners. Each decision with a certain scope for your private or business needs, requires a consideration and a clear understanding of the tax implications and the possible alternatives of envisaged investments. This includes the preparation of an individual tax burden comparison, choosing the right legal form and corresponding liquidity impact.

This can only be done within a structured tailor-made advice. This includes an analysis of the profit situation and an understanding of the economic conditions. Therefore, the only targeted way is to play through the appropriate tax-optimized alternatives and ways to make important decisions. The aim must be in this case in addition to lowering the tax burden and optimizing the total tax burden, possibly by clever use of tax incentives, practical and comprehensible concrete proposals for action.

This also applies to planned restructuring of companies and corporate transformations, the tax advice in structuring company agreements, testamentary arrangements or existing operation splits or envisaged operating leases. Equally important is the correct choice of legal form for the envisaged investment. There are still significant differences in the tax burden between partnerships and corporations.

Tax structuring has in this connection a direct impact on questions of financial planning, tax planning or business succession.

Tax planning and tax optimization

The long-term task of tax planning is primarily to influence measures related to tax burdens and tax exposures of the company as a precautionary and goal-oriented measure. Besides reducing the tax burden of business transactions, also minimizing company’s tax exposures are in the foreground. Tax planning measures go far beyond the preparation of financial statements, showing a variety of economic and fiscal options when making business decisions. Through decades of domestic and international experience and specialization of our partners, we offer bespoke designed tax advice characterized by innovation, competence and business thoughts. Financial planning is the foundation for the economic success of a company. Our focus is on the design and planning of liquidity and profitability for your business. We support you in this case not only in the structuring and analysis, but also in the implementation and integration of targeted internal corporate processes.

Business Succession

In addition to tax law and the business complexity, succession planning remains a psychological element of giving the company into younger hands, in which a mutual trust and understanding is the main priority. In recent years, our partners have accompanied medium-sized and regional companies with the corporate succession and with wealth transfer planning and in setting up structured succession processes. Top priority remains is to avoid the fragmentation of shareholdings and extensive liquidity outflows. This can be achieved among others by the skillful selection of inheritance tax benefits and valuation methods.

  • Tax-optimized business and assets structures
  • Anticipated succession
  • Separation of ownership and management position
  • Business integration
  • Foundations and administration of estates
  • Inheritance tax valuation of companies
  • Structuring of tax benefits
  • Pool agreements

Negotiations in English
and support in going abroad

Our partners bring over fifteen years of experience in international tax planning, advice of multinationals and negotiations for clients abroad. They not only have a high level of linguistic and technical expertise, but have also a global network of consultants, which have given advice for a variety of clients over the years. We can support you in English contract negotiations when investing abroad or in establishing foreign branches and subsidiaries.