corporate and income

tax compliance

Preparation of corporate tax returns

The conscientious and competent preparation of tax returns is one of the basic obligations of each taxpayer. From an improper tax return far-reaching consequences may arise. Therefore, we see in addition to a reliable tax declaration, competent dealings with the respective tax office as an important component of the ongoing tax obligations. Of course, this also comprises the coordination of internal processes and understandable as well as comprehensible recommendation.

The financial accounting constitutes the core of management decisions. We accompany and support you in the bookkeeping and in preparing annual financial statements.

Comprehensive advice for payroll services includes not only wage tax obligations of your employees, but also all related social security contribution issues.

The preparation of financial statements based on the financial accounting constitutes the basis for tax restructuring and tax optimization opportunities in the development of your company. We support and prepare financial statements for small and medium size enterprises and support you with GAAP optimization measures.

Annual financial statement

  • Annual financial statement and tax balance, reconciliation accounts
  • Explanatory report
  • Plausibility check
  • Publication in the Federal Gazette
  • Optimization in accounting and tax accounting law
  • E-balance

Payroll services

  • Wage taxes and social security
  • Processing on payment structure
  • Coordination of report system
  • Examination of process optimization
  • Assistance with income tax and social insurances audits

Tax declaration

  • Business tax returns
  • Deferred payment and adoption process
  • Income expenses statements
  • Legal objections
  • Binding rulings

Tax field audits

The number of company’s tax field audits and the extended possibilities of the tax authorities for short-term audits have increased considerably in recent years. We accompany you in advance and in the preparation of the tax field audit and in negotiations with auditors until the final meeting. Our understanding is the amicable termination of an external audit, but we also do not shy away from appeals and tax court litigation in disagreements.

The extended possibilities of data access and the review of financial accounting by analysis software, require a well-prepared and smooth assistance in the audit process nowadays. We act as a first point of contact against the tax officials and allow you to continue with the focus on the operational tasks. We assume the preparation, internal coordination and the negotiations with the tax auditor. Before the final meeting, preliminary audit findings have to be analysed and defended. Through an analysis of the weak points, the areas of compromise should be set already in advance. Furthermore, it is crucial to work properly after the audit and to adapt internal processes for avoiding same mistakes in the future and adjusting tax returns.

Tax fraud and voluntary disclosures

The instrument of voluntary disclosures remains a profound means to return to the tax honesty. Due to several high profile cases over the last few years, the legislator has intensified requirements in both form and content. Due to our long-lasting experience in assisting and preparing voluntary disclosures, including the associated recalculation of the taxable income, as well as assistance in tax criminal proceedings, we offer the ultimate in safety to represent you before competent administrative fines and criminal authorities. This includes also the ad-hoc advice for searches by investigation authorities. We develop with you the best possible defence strategies in order to achieve a timely termination of the proceeding.