Honored as TOP tax consultants in Germany in 2019 by Focus Money and the Handelsblatt.

Award by DATEV as the leading consortium of tax consultants in Germany as "Digital Law Firm 2019"

Tax advice means contemporary, individual, forward-looking and tax structuring.


Individual Advice

At the centre of any tax advice is the personal understanding of your business needs and objectives. These form the starting point for a responsible common dialogue under direct partner care.



Our partners consider it their personal commitment to support your entrepreneurial path on a sustainable basis. For this reason, our client relationships are purely business-oriented in the consulting approaches.


Competence & Expertise

Our partners have many years of consulting and client experience in a domestic and international environment with a focus on corporate tax law. Given their multiple qualifications, they offer outstanding expertise for complex business issues.

S&K tax advice and legal advice at three locations

Our tax firm covers the entire area of corporate tax consulting, including closely related business advice. This includes creating corporate tax returns, accounting and annual financial statements as well as payroll accounting. In this connection, the tax firms advise medium-sized companies, freelancers, medicines and private individuals. Due to our understanding as experts in corporate tax law and in tax structuring consultancy, our range of services does not only include client work but also tax criminal law aspects and corporate law. In many cases, we also work for other tax consultants on more complex issues.

Given the continuing complexity of tax law, creative tax planning, including balance sheet optimization, the use of tax exemptions, and predictive taxation, is of particular importance. In today's world, good tax advice is individual, digital, forward-looking and creative. Both Handelsblatt and Focus Money named us in 2019 as one of the TOP tax advisors in Germany.

The founding shareholders and tax consultants in Worms, Osthofen and Mainz have many years of substantial experience in the negotiations with the external audit and the tax authorities.

The partners of our tax consultants in Worms, Osthofen and Mainz have been advising on national and international mandates for more than fifteen years, including eight years as the senior tax partner of a multinational consulting firm. In addition, our name partner holds a business professorship at the University of Applied Sciences in Worms. For several years, he has been responsible for taxation, restructuring, corporate taxation and corporate succession as director of the tax master's program. This results in a close relationship with local authorities as well as regional credit institutions in financing and banking matters.

Another core area of our tax office and our Worms tax consultants is the defense consulting in tax criminal matters and support for voluntary disclosures.

In addition, we accompany clients with gift and inheritance tax issues, entrepreneurial decrees, inheritance tax returns and our name partner as the executor.

Our tax advisory service is characterized by digital collaboration with you and your employees, is forward-looking advice based on current financial figures, based on the determination of forecasts of the full year tax burden already at the half year and the active tax structure instead of passively managing your taxes.